8 myths about Carasti cleared up


Car Subscriptions are a pretty novel concept so it’s no surprise many people ask us questions about who we are and how we operate. We’ve put together some common misconceptions about Carasti to help explain what we actually offer!
Myth 1: It’s a car-sharing scheme, right? 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

No. If you take a car with Carasti, it’s just for you. The car is yours for the subscription duration, enjoy it and take care of it and when you’re ready to hand it back just let us know!

Myth 2: It’s a way of borrowing someone else’s car 🏎

Nope! Carasti cars never come from individuals. All cars are owned by our trusted fleet partners who manage hundreds or even thousands of cars. This ensures you have a safe, reliable and professional experience every time.

Myth 3: Carasti is the same as leasing or renting 📋

Our car packages are from 1-12 months, and all of your bills are included in one monthly payment (other than tolls, fines and fuel). We’re more flexible, more transparent, and faster to get you into a car than leasing or rental companies.

Myth 4: Carasti is more expensive than buying ⚖️

Not quite. On average, our prices are set to work out cheaper than the equivalent costs of ownership over two years! Remember you get Insurance, breakdown cover & routine maintenance included too. We also don’t ask for down payments meaning your initial cash outlay is often 33% cheaper in the first year using Carasti compared to buying the same car.

Myth 5: There are hidden costs 🕵️‍♀️

Never! Our mission has always been to eliminate the sneaky hidden charges that come with traditional methods. You pay a flat rate every month for the package you choose. The only extras you’ll pay are in the event of things like fines, tolls or damages to the car.

Myth 6: You have to pay a big down payment 💰

Often you have to pay 3 months upfront when you sign up to a car lease & large deposits even on monthly car rentals – but we know most of us don’t have that money lying around. Monthly lease deals often look cheap, but that’s because you’ve paid so much upfront. Instead we split all of those costs across the lifetime of your contract, so it’s less cash upfront and it’s easier to budget long-term. We might seem more expensive at first glance, but we encourage you to do the maths.

Myth 7: All of Carasti’s cars are pre-owned 🚙

Many of our cars are fresh from the factory! We have awesome partnerships with car manufacturers that help us get you in brand new cars at market-leading prices. If a car is labelled ‘0 KM!’, it means exactly that.

Myth 8: You’re locked in for ages 🔒

You pick exactly how long you’d like your car for, starting from 1 month to a maximum term of 1 year. You can also choose a rolling monthly term if life is too unpredictable to commit.