Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your subscription.

What’s a car subscription?

Car Subscription is a flexible and cost effective alternative to leasing and car buying. On average, it’s 30% cheaper to subscribe to a car vs buying one over the first year.

We offer a wide range of brand new cars on 6 to 24 month terms; all you need is a valid Emirates ID, UAE Drivers licence and a credit or debit card.

How did you calculate that it’s 30% cheaper? The car loan on the same car is much cheaper x month.

The monthly repayment on a car loan is just one part of the cost, which at first might appear cheaper. Remember, there’s a also a large upfront cost, which includes a down-payment (typically 20% of the car price), interest payable on the loan (approx 4% per year), insurance for the year, registration fees, as well as ongoing servicing costs and the high cost of up to 25% depreciation of the car value in just the first year alone.

With a Carasti car subscription, we don’t ask for any down-payment, so you can access a brand new car without this large upfront cost; you don’t have the risk of being locked into a 4-year car loan; and all our rates are inclusive of insurance, registration, servicing etc, which are already competitively negotiated by us with our suppliers.

I’m buying a used car so it still works out cheaper.

That’s true, buying a used car vs new is cheaper but you’re still locked into a 4 year loan and once you’ve fully paid off the loan we’ll be in 2027. By that point, petrol cars will have depreciated even further due to electric cars flooding the market and being better value, so the residual value on your petrol car will be even lower. In the meantime, you’re driving an older car that will likely cost you more in unexpected maintenance/repairs as it ages.

However, buying a used car today also means paying over the odds for it due to the semiconductor shortage that has negatively impacted the production of new cars by 60%. Due to simple supply/demand, this means more people are looking for used cars today and it’s expected you’ll ultimately face higher depreciation within the next 18 to 24 months as production of new cars normalises.

A car subscription gives you a white glove service, so whatever happens to the car we take care of it, no additional depreciation risk, no downtime if it breaks down as we provide instant replacement cars and most importantly a fixed monthly subscription fee with no surprises, no matter what.

Do you offer a lease-to-own package?

The automotive market is going through a major transformation from petrol cars to Electric Vehicles (EVs). We truly believe that it does not make sense to buy a petrol car now, as the residual value (ie. the car value at the end of the loan period) is expected to drop hugely in the coming years due to the transition to EVs and there is little demand left for petrol cars (right at that time you decide to sell it!)

We don’t want our customers to be negatively affected by this transition in the future, by being left with a less desirable car that is worth much less at the end of the loan. This is why we do not offer lease-to-own / subscribe-to-own and another reason why we offer shorter terms on our leases (12-24 months); our customers will have the flexibility to upgrade their car for a brand new one regularly as the market evolves (and to an EV when the time is right for them!)

Used car prices have been going up over the last few years, so surely it makes sense to buy now?

This is true, however, it’s really a temporary supply/demand effect, due to the global shortage of semiconductors slowing car production numbers (60% lower than forecasted over the past 2 years) and we’re still suffering the impact of that today, with waiting lists even on economy cars of 6 months. Once production levels recover towards the end of this year, used car prices will start to normalise.

If I buy and keep the car for 4 years, it’s still cheaper than subscribing and I own the car at the end.

The issue with this is that you will own a car which is not desirable after this period, as the residual values on petrol cars are going to significantly drop in the coming years as supply of new cars normalises and EVs take the lead in terms of sales. Petrol cars will be less desirable as everyone will be buying EVs, and most car manufacturers will be mainly producing and selling EVs too given major governments across the world have banned the sale of petrol cars from 2030 onwards. Based on the acceleration of EV adoption seen already, we predict up to 80% loss in value on a new petrol car in the next 4 years as adoption of EVs fills the mass market.

I’m buying an EV, so I won’t be affected by the same depreciation factors.

Unfortunately even buying EVs won’t avoid this as technology is evolving so fast, especially on the EV front. Just last year a range of 300km was normal for EVs and now 600km is the norm. In a few months Mercedes is launching an EV with a 1000 km range. Who’s going to want to buy an outdated car and what will happen to its value? Especially while EVs are more expensive than petrol cars, subscribing to an EV on a 12-24 lease means you can still drive the car you want now, with the ability to upgrade to a new EV at the end of the lease. By this time, EVs will have advanced immensely in terms of technology, driving range, variety of cars available and because of this lower prices.

I still want to buy a car!

If I told you today you could invest in a company that after 4 years your investment would for sure will be worth 60% less, would you do it? I guess not, this is exactly what you’re doing when buying a car: it’s a depreciating asset and one of the worst investments out there!

Now, this is not at all financial advice, but for example let’s say you’re planning to buy a AED 100,000 car with a 4 year loan. If you instead invested the equivalent of the 20% down-payment (ie AED 20,000) into the stock market for 4 years (which on average grows 7% per year), your investment would be worth AED 26,216. Whereas the AED 20,000 invested in a down-payment will effectively be wiped out in the first year of depreciation alone.

Also, if you take out debt to buy a car that means you have less capacity available to get a mortgage for buying your first home, second home, third home or another holiday home!

We have wealthy customers with Carasti, who could buy their cars outright. However, they have multiple cars all on a Carasti subscription simply because they know their money is better invested elsewhere!

Why subscribe?

Quite possibly the easiest, most flexible way to your next car.

At Carasti we’ve created a debt-free way to enjoy driving through our Subscription Model. Because you don't own the car, you don’t have to go into debt to drive it. That gives you all the benefits of owning without all the headaches and you can have a brand new car every 6 months if you like!

  • No negotiation on buying and selling
  • No loans or 20% down-payments
  • No hefty depreciation
  • No unexpected costs
  • No paperwork, 100% Digital

A Car Subscription gives you access to new cars on demand with an all inclusive monthly subscription fee, so whatever happens with your car you know your costs will be fixed and Carasti will provide you with an instant replacement, if needed.

How do I subscribe to a Car on Carasti?

Book through our website or download our Mobile App. You will need a valid Emirates ID, UAE Drivers Licence & a debit or credit card.

What's Carasti's most flexible plan?

The FLEX plan is Carasti’s most flexible package where you can choose a new car on a monthly rolling contract and cancel at any time.

Who owns the car?

The cars are owned by our fleet partners who kindly provide the Carasti inventory. Most of our vehicles are leased and managed directly by our sister company, Carasti Car Rental LLC.

What’s included in my Subscription?

Your subscription includes the Car, Insurance, Warranty, Maintenance, 24hr Roadside Assistance & Delivery / Pick up.

What is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is 1 month.

Can I switch my car?

You can only switch your car at the end of your subscription term. Should you terminate your subscription early you will be subject to early termination fees.

Is it essential to have a UAE licence to drive with Carasti?

If you’re a resident in the UAE, you need to have a UAE driving licence to drive a car and it has to be issued for at least 6 months, if not you will also have to supply us with your home country licence. If you are not yet a resident and on a tourist visa you can drive on a licence from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. Finally, if your country is not on the list but you have an International Driving licence you will be able to use the service. In case of a booking received without valid documentation or cancellation before delivery for any reason, Carasti will refund you minus an AED 250 administrative fee. For any doubts please contact us on live chat or +97144397660

What is the minimum age to use your service?

25 Years old - please reach out to us if you are younger and we may be able to support you with a bespoke insurance deal.

How long does it take to get a car with Carasti?

You can select and subscribe to a car in minutes and delivery can happen in as little as 4 hours from your original booking as long as you book before 2pm. New cars can take up to 30 days as we buy the car new, register, insure and then deliver it to you. You will see the exact delivery date available for each car in the car listing.

Do you deliver the car?

Yes, once you select your delivery time slot and location in the app, just sit back, relax and the car will come to you! Delivery is included across most of the UAE excluding Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain & Fujairah where there will be a flat 300 AED rate applicable.

Is a deposit required?

We have both a deposit and deposit free option. Just select the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Our deposit free option increases the monthly rate of your car by 5% therefore should you decide to pay a refundable deposit you will save 5% on your monthly subscription fee.

Carasti’s deposit is the equivalent of 1 months rental.

Should you opt for paying a deposit it will be held on your account in full until your contract ends and can be used towards paying for any additional charges that you incur while driving, including tolls, fines, damages or any other additional charges linked to your account at the end of your contract. We will refund this amount, less any outstanding additional charges, to the card used to make the booking payment after 30 days of you returning your vehicle.

Should you not pay a deposit you will have to settle any outstanding dues to us directly.

When will I be charged my subscription fee?

You will be charged your first month subscription fee in full to secure your vehicle when you book your car. Your next monthly renewal is charged 30 days after your car is delivered (when your subscription officially starts) and charged subsequently every 30 days thereafter.

What is the termination policy?

In case of a booking received without valid documentation or cancellation before delivery for any reason, Carasti will refund you minus an AED 250 administrative fee.

In the case of early termination of a 3 or 6 month subscription a half-month penalty will apply (calculated as being 0.5x your monthly Subscription Price).

In the case of early termination of a 9 or 12 month subscription a 1-month penalty will apply (calculated as being 1x your monthly Subscription Price).

In the case of early termination of a 24 or 36 month subscription a 2-month penalty will apply (calculated as being 2x your monthly Subscription Price).

Is the insurance fully comprehensive?

Yes, your insurance is fully comprehensive however there will be an excess to pay should you have an accident which is your fault.

What is the process in case of an accident or damage to my vehicle?

In the event of any accident or vandalism or the theft of the Vehicle, you must obtain a police report. In the event of a minor accident (where no one is injured or there is no serious damage to the vehicle), you still must get a police report. This will be used to claim for the damage from insurance. If you have purchased CDW insurance you will have zero excess to pay, if you have not then you will pay the excess amount. If someone is injured or if there is serious damage caused to the Vehicle, you should immediately dial 999, anywhere in the UAE. The police will arrive at the scene and provide you with a report. This report states the cause of the accident and shall determine which party is at fault. Once you have the police report please contact us and we can arrange for your car to be replaced.

Do I have to pay an excess fee?

Excess amounts vary from AED 750 on economy cars to AED 3,000 for luxury cars. You can purchase excess cover insurance, called CDW, to reduce this to zero.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.