Car Subscriptions in UAE is a better alternative and budget friendly for People who are looking to Save Money and Invest.

DubaiEye 103.8 Interview with CEO Mr. Claudio Esposito

Carasti offers a subscription service for brand new cars

  • Carasti CEO Claudio Esposito explains the service
  • The service is not just car rental, but allows customers to access new vehicles Via Apple IOS or Google Android.

Rent brand new cars on an app for short term with easy delivery

  • Customers can rent 0 km cars within 4 minutes using the app or from Carasti Website.
  • The company has seen an uptick in customers choosing EV due to rise in petrol prices

Subscription model for cars is more cost-effective than buying a car.

  • Majority of car sales will be Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) affecting the price of petrol-powered cars.
  • Customers are starting to consider subscription models to avoid residual value risk and save costs.
  • If you buy a new petrol-powered car today you may struggle to sell it due to the shift towards EVs.

EVs face rapid technological evolution and fast depreciation, making them a risky investment

  • EVs are becoming increasingly popular and are at a turning point in terms of powertrain choices
  • Depreciation is a big risk when investing in EVs
  • The technology in EVs is rapidly evolving, making newer models quickly obsolete
  • Carasti Introduces Car Subscriptions for Electric Vehicles.

Flexibility and financial concerns driving interest in car rentals

  • Interest rates and raw material prices are causing car prices to rise
  • Many cannot afford to buy a depreciating asset and are turning to rentals instead

Shift towards investing in appreciating assets

  • More people are investing in appreciating assets like bigger houses instead of cars
  • Homeownership boom has led to people wanting to maintain a healthier debt to salary ratio

Carasti offers a solution for those who want to drive a nicer car without buying it.

  • Car rental companies generally do not offer nicer cars at reasonable prices.
  • Carasti targets consumers who want to upgrade to a nicer car.
  • The majority of Carasti customers are Asian, followed by European and GCC Levant.
  • Carasti customers are mainly existing residents of Dubai however it is a great solution for people who just move to the city as no credit checks are required.
  • Renting or subscribing to a car through Carasti is a safer option than buying.

Quick and easy car solutions for new residents in Russia

  • New residents in Russia are looking for fast solutions to get a car without bank approvals.
  • Currency co-founder and CEO explains that their service allows for easy access to a car as long as payment can be made.

The interview is about car sales during Ramadan and the trend of renting rather than owning a car. The interviewer speaks with Claudio Esposito, co-founder and CEO of Carasti, a car subscription service that allows customers to access brand new vehicles on a shorter-term basis, without the need for a down payment or residual value risk.

Claudio notes a huge uptick in customers choosing EVs, citing rising petrol prices and the trend towards EV adoption as driving factors. He notes that subscribing to an EV is a better option than owning one because technology is evolving so fast that a car bought today is likely to become obsolete in 18 to 24 months.

Additionally, renting offers flexibility and allows customers to allocate their funds towards other investments, such as home ownership, rather than a depreciating asset like a car.

They discuss the increase in demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and the impact this may have on the auto industry, including the depreciation of traditional petrol-powered cars. Claudio also explains the benefits of subscribing to a car rather than purchasing one outright, including access to brand new vehicles on a shorter term with no residual value risk.

This is due to the advancement and adoption of technology at unexpected rates which makes Carasti an early adopter and pioneer in the changing dynamics of the auto industry.