Best ways to sell your car in the UAE

Cars are a temporary thing, that is a fact. When age starts to play a part in the car maintenance and running costs will start to skyrocket to a point where it no longer makes economic sense to keep the car. Sometimes we just get bored of the car and we decide to sell it or we may want to unlock funds from the car to support us during an economic crisis caused by a global pandemic.  

Whatever your reasons there are numerous ways to sell a car in the UAE, some more difficult than others. Here is our list of the 5 best ways to sell your car in Dubai.

Instant Cash Car Sale services

This is the quickest way to sell your car for straight up cash. Services such as Sell any car or Car switch will give you a cash offer on the spot. The problem with this is that the prices offered are usually well below market price, and there is very little room for negotiation. 

Al Awir Car Market

There are a few car markets in the UAE, the biggest and most well-known is the Al Awir Car Market. Located on the E311 highway it is easily accessible and open all week. This is the best way to sell your car if you are looking to sell it quick, but the tradeoff comes, just like the previous method, as you will not get the best price for your car. However, there is slight more room for negotiation as you are dealing with the business owners directly. 

Word of mouth

The oldest method of selling something, to your friends and family and their friends and family. This saves you time and money because usually the person you are dealing with is genuinely interested and not a tire kicker.  However, the downside of this method is that should anything go wrong with the car, the person who bought it is a familiar face and might cause a strain in the friendship. 


The best way to sell a car, with numerous websites and channels nowadays its is very easy to do from the comfort of your own home. Dubizzle is the most famous used car market place followed by facebook market place and Dubicars tailing in third. Only downside of this is that it costs money to list your car on dubizzle and the sheer amount of cars listed on facebook means that your car will get lost in a sea of listings.  


Copart and Emirates Auction are two if the numerous auction houses in the UAE. These are usually left as a last resort when you are unable to sell the car through conventional ways, or if the car is damaged and to be sold as is where is. Although, sometimes these auctions are a go to for collectors that look for rare cars that cannot be found anywhere else.