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The Ultimate Guide to Car Subscriptions

Today, we subscribe to just about everything. Whether it’s the music we listen to on our phones, our favourite TV shows on Netflix, the recipe boxes we have delivered to our door or general delivery subscriptions to get our goods quicker and faster, it’s safe to say that subscriptions are the way forward. They’re convenient, reliable and they give us access to everything we need on a monthly basis… so, why aren’t we subscribing to everything?

Fortunately, there’s a new subscription service on the block that’s about to change the game – or more specifically, the way we use and drive cars. How does a new Audi delivered straight to your door every month sound? Whether you’re a car enthusiast or you simply need a good runaround without paying the hefty upfront costs of a new vehicle, a car subscription service could be the answer to your dreams – and it’s about to become a lot more common.

Today, we live in a society where access and convenience is more important than ever. Gone are the days of the outdated car-ownership model, and here to stay is an exciting new service that allows drivers to pay for a new car on a monthly basis – without the hassle and expensive costs of buying one outright.

What is a car subscription service?

A car subscription service is an alternative to buying or leasing a car. In principle, it’s the same as any other subscription: sign up for what you want and cancel your subscription once you’re done. You simply choose your car from a huge range of different brands and models, sign up to a subscription, choose a delivery time and enjoy your new car. Your car can be returned or switched whenever you like.

Car subscriptions give customers access to a huge range of vehicles for a fixed monthly price. It also gives members the freedom to test-drive a variety of vehicles and provides them with a convenient, customised and hassle-free opportunity to drive a new car – and for a far smaller price, too.

Generally, the fixed monthly price of a car rental service includes insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance and repairs. Many car subscription services, such as Carasti, even offer door-to-door concierge services that deliver your car directly to your front door. With a quick download of an app and a few taps, car subscription services give customers the freedom to try out different cars and drive their favourites with no long-term commitments.

What are the benefits of using a car subscription service?

If you’re not already sold, we’re pleased to tell you that there are lots of benefits to using a car subscription service. We understand that this is a fairly new concept to lots of people, so here’s a breakdown of all of the pros of using a car rental service like Carasti.


Firstly, let’s talk about flexibility. With car subscriptions, you’re never locked into using just one car; drivers can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a monthly rolling subscription that allows them to swap or return their car as their needs change. There are no long-term commitments; whether you need a car for a couple of months or you want to try one out for size before you buy, car subscriptions are flexible. They’re similar to car leasing in the sense that there’s no personal ownership, but the terms are far shorter and more flexible.

Peace of mind

When you rent a car with a car subscription service, you can rest assured that the vehicle is in top condition and safe to drive. All subscriptions include the car, insurance, warranty, maintenance and 24 hour roadside assistance. Not only does this significantly cut your car maintenance costs, but it provides ultimate peace of mind too – you never need to feel worried about being stranded on the side of the road or having to fork out on costly maintenance and servicing bills.


Let’s be honest, who has the money to be driving a brand new car every year, let alone every month? Buying a car is a huge investment, and the upfront cost of a car is only the beginning of the costs. Car subscription services are the most cost-effective way to get on the road quickly in a great car. With one fixed monthly fee, renting a car through a subscription service dramatically cuts the costs of owning a vehicle – and you can cancel at any time. At Carasti, we’re proud to offer a zero down payment subscription service; so no need to fork out any heavy down payments or loans that could tie you down financially.


To put it simply, car subscription services are convenient. Customers can subscribe to any car they wish from the comfort of their own home; you simply select a delivery slot and location and – voila – the car is yours. There’s no haggling, no time wasted in dealerships and the sign-up process is straightforward and hassle-free. Car rental services of this nature give drivers access to the latest auto trends and technology without having to worry about vehicle depreciation. From the all-inclusive fees to the huge range of vehicles at your fingertips, car subscriptions remove the pain of buying and owning a car. Simply join today and drive tomorrow!

Carasti: Your Go-To Car Rental App

If you’re ready to drive a new car and start saving money, look no further than Carasti, the go-to car subscription app in Dubai. With an all-inclusive monthly price, all you need to do is choose your car, wait for delivery, add fuel and drive. All of our car subscriptions include the car, insurance, warranty, maintenance and 24 hour roadside assistance, along with delivery and pick up. With a minimum subscription period of just one month and flexible car switching options to suit your needs, you can subscribe to your next car through the Carasti app in just minutes.

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