Drive the future with a Carasti Electric Car Subscription

The more we drive EV’s at Carasti the more we love them and we think you should try one! We have a growing range of EV’s and with our flexible subscription plans it’s the easiest and risk free way to try one out.

Why driving an EV is simply better!

  • Range Anxiety is a thing of the past On average our EV’s have a 500 km range on a full charge.
  • More Performance & Fun Electric vehicles have much faster acceleration giving you that extra driving pleasure.
  • They are cheaper to run With the cost of fuel rising switching to EV will save you on average SAR 10,000 of fuel per year.
  • Future Generations will thank you Driving an EV significantly improves the quality of the air around us all, let’s drive change together.

Choose an EV for a Greener Future

With electric cars, you’ll reduce smog pollution around you right now and cut greenhouse gases to protect people and the planet for years to come.

Carasti is also partnered with One Tree Planted and will plant one tree for every month you subscribe as a contribution to a better and greener environment.