If you’re worried about transitioning to an EV, don’t be!

Range anxiety is a thing of the past, the UAE is well placed with DEWA charging points across the country however if you opt for a Tesla there are also many Tesla Superchargers across the country which are completely free of charge.
Finally, you can also charge your car from a 3 pin socket right at home whilst you sleep, so you’ll never run out of juice. 
Carasti is also here to help you transition to EV’s with our Car Subscription model.

Subscribe & Drive, it’s that simple.

Subscription means you pay for access to your own car, for as long as you need it. To achieve that flexibility, we offer 1 – 36 month terms to meet life’s demands without locking you into a long-term commitment like car ownership. 

A car subscription includes everything needed to run the car including insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and registration fees. You could be driving a brand new Tesla from just AED 4,999 / month!

Loan-free access to cars.

We believe in your right to financial well-being and we’re committed to offering real digital first solutions to meet the needs of the modern consumer.  You’re not buying a car, so you’re not borrowing money or making a down-payment. And no loan means that you’re not locked into years of interest & repayments. Skip the tedious application process of traditional loan or lease and subscribe in under 3 minutes. 

Subscription is a new way to drive a car without owning it, and without it owning you!