Described as ‘Netflix for cars’, it’s safe to say that car subscriptions are the future of Dubai. Following the success of subscription models in countless other sectors – from movie streaming and music to food and phones – it’s no surprise that the concept of subscribing to cars is becoming more and more popular.

For the younger generation, owning a vehicle is less convenient than it once was. While saving up and buying the first car was once a dream for many, lots of people are starting to realise the hassle, costs and inconvenience of car ownership, and are instead looking for alternative ways to access cars – in other words, they’re turning to car subscriptions.

Car subscription programs provide individuals with access to a suite of luxury cars, with each subscription covering maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance, all for one all-inclusive monthly price. Just like your favourite gym subscription, car subscriptions can be used and cancelled at any time, providing the ultimate flexibility and convenience.

While many people believed that we’d be driving flying cars and taking regular trips to the moon by now, the future is still effectively here – in the form of car subscriptions.

Here’s why car subscription apps are being labelled as the ‘must-have’ app for 2022, and how they can benefit you this year.


Car subscription apps make budgeting easier

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, financial security is of the utmost importance. The pandemic hit people around the world in different ways, and in turn the COVID-19 crisis has encouraged new ways of thinking and behaving in everyday life. Whether it’s working from home and cutting out the daily commute, homeschooling children or having to temporarily close your business, it’s safe to say that everyone has had to quickly adapt.

With carpooling, public transport and sharing off the cards for many, car subscription apps are an effective, affordable, and reliable solution as we head into the future. Car subscription apps – like Carasti – remove any unpredictable and unexpected costs, allowing you to budget and plan your finances better.

Not only does purchasing a car come with hefty upfront costs, but it can lead to a whole range of unexpected costs too, from last-minute repairs to regular maintenance. Subscribing to your next car in Dubai removes the worry of unplanned costs and makes budgeting easier as drivers know exactly what they must pay and when.


You can easily upgrade to your dream car

There’s no better time than now to start upgrading your life. Whether you’ve been wanting to change jobs for a while, you’ve had your eye on a new property or you want a luxurious new car, 2022 is the perfect time to really start thinking about how you want to upgrade your life. After what’s been a stressful and challenging year for many, it’s time to start getting back on track and really thinking about your lifestyle and how you want to live in 2022.

Of course, life upgrades don’t come without a cost. Purchasing a brand-new luxurious car is an investment to say the least, and committing to one car for the next several years may not be something that appeals to many people. Car subscription apps allow you to easily upgrade to your dream car without any financial burdens. With just a few taps on an app, you can subscribe to that dream car that you’ve always had your eye on – yet you don’t have to worry about the hefty costs of buying.


Keep up with the latest technology trends

While we’re not driving flying cars just yet, technology is constantly advancing and evolving – and keeping up with the latest technologies can improve our lives hugely. Whether it’s the latest software on our computers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for businesses or a new app that gives us instant access to the latest luxury cars, modern technologies and services are developed with one thing in mind: our convenience.

Today, the world is literally at our fingertips. We can do just about anything from the comfort of our own home through our smartphones, so it only makes sense that the future of the automotive industry can be accessed from our phones too.

Car subscription apps allow you to instantly subscribe to a vehicle of your choice from your smartphone. No longer do you have to wait around in dealerships or spend hours talking to car salesmen about the best vehicle for your needs – instead, with the latest technology, you can subscribe to your dream vehicle right from your phone. Whether you’re at home, sat in a bar or at work, you can subscribe to a new vehicle from anywhere in the UAE with just a quick download of the app.


Enjoy ultimate flexibility in an unpredictable world

It’s safe to say that no one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic – and with this in mind, lots of people are looking for further flexibility in their lives to account for the unexpected. As we slowly navigate our way out of the pandemic, people are no longer looking for long-term commitments when it comes to their lives and possessions. Over the last year, more people than ever have worked from home and the working world has quickly changed and adapted.

As the world starts to open again and we look ahead to a post-pandemic setting, many people are looking for flexible driving options. If you plan to spend some time out of the country, you need to leave for work or you plan to travel over the coming years, buying a brand-new car may not be the most sensible option. Not only is buying a car expensive, but ongoing maintenance is costly too – especially if you’re not going to be around to use your car for parts of the year.

Car subscriptions allow drivers to subscribe to a car of their choice monthly, providing ultimate flexibility. If you’re only going to be around for a few months at a time or you plan to move in a year or two, buying a car likely doesn’t make much sense, especially if you take depreciation into consideration.

With a car subscription app, you can subscribe to a car for as long as you need and cancel whenever suits you. You also have the luxury of changing or swapping your car as and when you require, ensuring that you always have the right vehicle on hand without any long-term commitments in an ever-changing, unpredictable world.


Carasti: The Leading Car Rental App in Dubai

If you’re ready to subscribe to your dream car, look no further than Carasti, the leading car rental app in Dubai. To start driving, all you need to do is download our app, choose your dream car, and select the right subscription – it’s as simple as that. One all-inclusive price covers the car, maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance, so all you need to worry about is adding fuel and driving.

You can join on either a monthly subscription or our Mini Lease subscription option, which covers a 12 and 24 month plan on a brand new car of your choice. At Carasti, we believe that the future is now – and therefore there’s no better time than now to upgrade to the car of your dreams at just the touch of a button on your phone.

We have a huge range of cars available to subscribe to via our app, all of which require zero deposits, no paperwork and can be delivered within just four hours. You have the freedom to switch and change your car as and when you please, ensuring that you’re always driving something that meets your needs and wants.


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